the one with call her daddy

This week’s episode hardly needs an introduction. After the sh*tshow that was the Call Her Daddy / Barstool drama I dive into exactly what happened between Sofia, Dave and Alexandra based on their own accounts.

Today is the day Alex’s first episode has launched so I recommend you listen to my podcast first and then listen to hers so you have the full story going into it.

Then of course there’s a fun hot goss run down, some TV homework for you and me and a new segment I have named #onelastthing…because as life has shown me, I always forget one thing to mention, so now I’m going to mention it all before I end the podcast.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode and as always if you do please subscribe and leave a review or rate it 5 stars!

Let’s get into it team – love you, mean it, ok bye.

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