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OK you guys

OK you guys…just a quick little note on a Friday.

It’s a run on joke on my Insta story that I start every sentence with, “OK you guys,” so I figured I’d start a little end of week post with a short but sweet update on my life and what I’m up to.

Kind of weird that I refer to everyone and their mom as guys, when most of my readers are little ladies, so I apologize, but the habit has stuck and now snowballed into a blog segment. I AM SORRY? Or am I?

If you love it we’ll keep it. If you hate it, we’ll figure it out when we have to, ya?

Moving along…this weekend I’m headed to Mont-Tremblant for a quick three-day getaway with Porter Escapes.

I am thrilled to relax and enjoy the activities they have planned for us but mostly I am looking forward to a travel weekend spent exploring the days and less late nights.

There is a lot of travel coming up on my radar so stay tuned for many more guides and city picks.

I’ve also been debating a little What to Pack post to help with everything from packing a carry on (a skill I straight up just learned) to packing for multiple destinations and/or climates.

I would lurrrrve your input so I can help be a resource for all of you!

Let me know and happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend and be sure to check out my Insta Stories to see what I’m up to!


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