ya, we're basic.

oh em gee tis summer roberts season.

summer roberts is here. the season, not my homeslice rachel b. love you rach, call me next time you’re in uville with hayd, we’ll cruise main street like high school times.

sho-fo’ing names only enhances how close i feel to my fake celeb friends. learn it, copy it. you’re welcome.

so i woke up today feeling moderately better, my voice is still nasally but alas, my head feels clear. i had a morning meeting for burgundy brick — a wonderful project i work on constantly and love & cherish and will dedicate numerous posts to over the summer months — BREATH — and then i went to craft burger to love my VCB card and meet a new friend jess…and see my bestie married. you should read follow newbie J on twitter and read married’s blog if you love to cook. life will be changed. trust.

the weather is gorg. driving around i felt like i got my tan on. i can breathe clearly for once in the past two weeks & i know my health has improved because i slept like crepe last night, which happens when my minds is full of too many thoughts — too many thoughts equals i’m able to think productively — thinking productively equals HEALTH.

that’s about two run on sentences in this post, tsk tsk. anyway, my photo booth obsession has allowed me to depict just how excite i am for summer roberts season. so excite, my arms go off the page. that was the point, shut up. ‘scuze the thunder calf angle, i actually have good calves, like vaness hudgens good.

this post has too many sho-fo’d celebs names, the sun makes me feel like i’m in la.

tgit – long weekend edition. i feel alive. i hope you do to.

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    xoxo michelle
    April 4, 2010 at 3:51 am


    one: did you get a macbook finally? i loves.
    and two: you look perfect in this photo! i love it! you are the new summer roberts bc your hair + outfit + cuteness = amazing

    haha! that is all.

  • Reply
    lex niko
    April 4, 2010 at 3:23 pm

    i got one yes! i love it slash i appreciate the respect on the summer roberts hairstyle…loose waves, so tender!

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