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There is something about the energy in New York City that overwhelms me when I arrive. I can’t really put my finger on it with a valid description: I get nervous & intimidated and to be honest I live in fear of getting mugged with every turn of a corner. You’d think I was isolated from city-living for the 20+ years of my life, but we all know that’s not the case.

While I cannot figure out this feeling, each time I arrive in NYC, there always comes a point where it switches. Somewhere along the way I am ready to cancel my return flight, hit up Craigslist for my brand new roomie and figure out a way to get paid under the table while pursuing my undefinable dreams.

It is this indescribable flip-flop of emotion that always leaves me wanting more from New York. The city’s like a bad boyfriend. The on-and-off one you love to hate; who you know it isn’t meant to be forever but you just can’t let go. It’s that feeling that leaves me wanting more and while it sounds dark, it’s the exact thing that I’m holding to as inspiration with these design photos from the city that I’m hesitant to trust, but always seems to win me back.

All Photos FromĀ Architectural Digest

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