ok I am most excite because this week is a week I say goodbye world, hello isolation! my plans consist of the bare minimum social necessities and I plan on avoiding saying YES to dinner, drinks & dive bars. this is hard for me. I am baddie at saying no to living social. like real bad, like bad to the point I was making weird half-awake, zombie tweets last friday and woke up in my bed with little recollection of how I got there. I was sober, it was frightening. I also apparently offered to drop babe off at his residence only to note that I was not in fact operating my motor vehicle nor should I have been considering my state.

ok that was slightly off-topic, but nonetheless…I am looking forward to hibernating, getting my arrears in order and being healthy, rested and focused on work-related things. so if you want to make plans with me SHUT UP AND GO AWAY. I am getting my me-time on, maybe I’ll make a bath, drink some red and cry while singing celine dion to all my new neighbours. lets hope I don’t fall off my balcony, its purty high up yo. we are going to be such new great best friendships me and my floor. can’t wait.

I know I need to recap my week of goodies from last. I promise its coming. its going to be a long postie so I need to block off a chunk of real time for it. I love you all, I installed google analytics and discovered that loads of people tots read this bloggie. its scary but fun and now I feel like I have to give mayjah shout outs to everyone who checks in. thank you, I’m a jerk, I should’ve done that before.

forgive me?

ok awesometown…anyway going to grab lunch then return to sitting. it’s the tits, I love sitting, staring into a computer screen of zero productivity. maybe someone should give me a task.

anyway its monday, hi, I’m going to get loads done this week, promises to myself & the stars.


peaches, bunnies, kittens.

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