Monthly Haul with Amazon

“I want it all. And I would like it delivered.”

Bette Midler said it best and this perfectly summarizes my feelings for Amazon.

I am literally obsessed with Amazon.

I order items at a minimum every other day and I fear for my life the day we get Prime Same-Day Delivery in Canada.

Basically it is convenience at your fingertips and while my obsession started with basic things like vitamins and face wipes, it’s now transcending into the world of fashion and accessories which is why I’m thrilled to be teaming up with to share my monthly picks in fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

While you have already been asking about a few items I featured on Instagram – aviators and ice roller hello – I have so many tips & tricks to familiarize yourselves with Amazon and it is my hope that after the next few months you too will question how you lived without this brilliant online space and earth’s biggest selection.

Since some of you were asking about the shoes I’m sporting with this outfit, I have linked them here.

I seriously cannot wait to share so many useful and chic finds, I’m chomping at the bit to roll them out to you so stay tuned and if there is anything you want me to find please leave a comment below – I live for this stuff!

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