Love Struck with PANDORA

Well it’s crazy to believe that the first month of the new year has come and gone. I’m not one to dwell too hard on the past so let’s spend today getting so excited for one of my favorite times of the year hmmkay?..

That’s right. It is no secret. I Love Valentine’s Day.

There is something so wonderful about Valentine’s Day for me. Perhaps it’s the sugar rush (lol) but more so I am a firm believer in the power of love and serendipity.

And what better way to celebrate that magical feeling than to dedicate a day to the act of love?

Any excuse to say and show how you feel makes my heart melt and whether you’re celebrating with your significant other, your new crush or friends and family we must use today to remind ourselves that love exists and is out there.

Now more than ever we need this day as a loving reminder and I am so grateful to my pals at PANDORA jewellery for giving me the opportunity to share a few items from the Love Struck Valentine’s 2017 collection.

What I love the most about this collection is that it is so romantic but feminine enough to make the perfect Galentine gift for a sister, mum or friend.

I am obsessed with the delicate take on PANDORA jewellery’s classic Sparkling Bow Bangle and the matching Stackable ring which I’ve been sporting as a set and separates depending on my mood.

But for my personal taste the real winner of this collection are the Pavé Drop earrings.

Not only are these so beautifully crusted with individual cubic zirconia stones, these sterling silver spheres can be worn two ways and you know I’m a sucker for function with fashion.

I love love and I love the expression that gift-giving represents so I hope I’ve inspired you with some simple ideas for how you can spread love to whoever is on your list this Valentine’s Day!

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