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All right you guys. We are officially in the swing of the holidays and whether you’re celebrating US thanksgiving this weekend or like me and already prepping for Christmas, I have a little something to make those cozy nights at home majorly more enjoyable.

Now I’m not sure if you remember but I’ll refresh your memory – one of my closest, dearest friends lives in London UK and I’ve been going to visit him and his friends often because they’re so much fun and I went through a recent travel addiction.

Obviously I needed to fill my time while everyone was at work and before the pubs really got into play. Being halfway around the world you’d think I’d see the sites or explore, right? Well that was my intention BEFORE I discovered this amazing show: Love Island.

I also spoke to you guys about Love Island earlier this year because I was full on obsessed with it, but let me remind you what it’s all about so we’re all fully invested here –

Love Island takes a group of twenty-something singles, places them in a luxury villa, and couples them with complete strangers, forcing them to share everything – including a bed.

Contestants can be re-coupled with other Islanders – sometimes by choice and sometimes not. New contestants are introduced into the villa at different stages, and the one left single after a recoupling takes place is kicked off Love Island. My personal fave right now is Dani Dyer – the 22-year old daughter of UK actor Danny Dyer (I mean given these names already, you know we’re in for a treat.) She seems to be there for the right reasons and is avoiding tell people about her famous father – a fact that I can get behind since you never know people’s intentions on these shows.

And beyond this, making for such addictive and delicious reality TV, in a final twist, one half of the winning couple is awarded £50,000 and he or she must decide whether to keep it all or share it with his or her new partner.

It is truly the stuff reality TV dreams are made of and obviously I was addicted to it right from the start. And if I’m into it, I know you’ll be into it, so I have to let you know it’s now exclusively available on the hayu Canada app.

That’s right! My new favourite app that’s given us access to the greatest library in reality TV history is once again blessing our lives with the arrival of Love Island.

So let’s all make a pact to watch this new season of Love Island together. If you haven’t already you can download the hayu Canada app here and get your first month free. I know it’s important to spend time with family during the holidays but I promise the Love Island gang will make you feel like family and provide all the drama of a regular holiday visit…and then some.

Let me know if you’re watching and who your favourite couple is! CANNOT WAIT to discuss with you guys in the DMs so be sure to follow me on Instagram here so we can chat all things Love Island!

Ps/ if you’re like me and not a UK native then check out this video, ‘Do you Speak Islander?’ explaining some of the lingo used in the show. It’s good for a laugh AND educational as you get set to watch!

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