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Just a few inspirations from this week. I’ve recently been obsessed with color and brights ~ probably has a little to do with the fact that the sun’s been out for longer than four or five hours a day! I just want to experience colour and sparkle in everything I encounter, like the beet salad above from Gilead Wine Bar to the Nike’s below. I’m finally seeing beauty in any moment, which is evident in my recent love for Nancy Meyers’ set décor to matching fruit loops & accessories and plain & simple pastel pairings. I also was happy to receive a few beautiful pieces c/o Jewlz From Lineve, which I cannot wait to style. The beautiful bauble piece below is the perfect way to welcome spring and tie in some sparkle into my look.

I am coming out of my black, white & grey shell ~ ready to embrace colour in a BIG way! What are some of your favourite ways to get ready for spring with colour? Let me know xo! And check out more colourful cures on my Instagram @LEXNIKO.

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