Little Likes Podcast Twelve

Today’s podcast episode is just me because I’m letting you in on a few reader FAQ’s about yours truly.

I did a little Fast Five on myself with your common questions mostly so that I can always refer you back to this podcast and we never have to discuss them ever again muahahahaha.

Just kidding, I will talk about myself forever and often but for those of you that are curious be sure to give the podcast a listen and if you’re feeling so inclined, I would love if you hit it up with FIVE STARS and a review on iTunes here.

I’m also sharing how to start a podcast and my advice on best practices while you’re feeling it out in the beginning.

Let me know what you think AND as a another shameless ask I would LOVE for you to join the *secret facebook group here* so we can vent, gossip and be uber exclusive.


Ok so I’m asking a lot of you today but it’s all with the goal of growing the podcast, getting even more guests and helping you :).

As always if you have questions for a future guest or my relationship guru next week, please submit them in the secret FB group or email me: imalittle.blog@gmail.com

Enjoy today’s podcast and if you have more questions for me I am always happy to answer.


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