Little Likes Podcast Sixteen

Little Likes Podcast time. Episode Sweet Sixteen! This one is amazing ladies – it’s one of my most favorite episodes yet.

This episode is all about personal journey. Knowing that you’re on the right path and listening to that inner voice.

I am joined by the incredible Gloria Chik from Rogue Stories and she is sharing her journey to entrepreneurial bliss, and chats about her latest venture, The Flight Pack.

She is honestly one of the biggest boss babes I know and has such an inspirational story that you’re going to want to listen and more importantly learn from her advice so please note this is a long ep and buckle up because we’re answering lots of your listener questions, giving our best business advice.

Gloria also gets me Bachelor adjacent with her stories on the latest singleton, still looking for love, Nick Viall and discusses working for the major Sean “Puffy” Combs…I’m not kidding, this girl is goals.

Bonus points: we briefly dive in to the mind of Taylor Swift and Gloria shares her favorite inspirational quote (it is a good one).

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