Little Likes Podcast Six

Oh my f’ing goodness you guys, I cannot believe my last blog post was episode five of the podcast.

I have not been able to shoot new outfit photos and have been trying my best to give you real life, ITM outfits via Instagram so I truly apologize.

I am having a massive shoot day Saturday (weather pending since this damn rain is the w o r s t) and I will get a ton of new outfits to you next week.

Now that we’ve discussed my whereabouts, one thing that cannot fall off the radar is the Housewives podcast and here it is reviewing episode five.

I know it’s confusing that the Little Likes Podcast is on episode six but the RHOT is on episode five but that is because I did an initial 2017 podcast discussing goal-setting and my intentions for the year.

Listen to that one here and a few of you have asked me to do a three-month spot check on where I’m at with those goals so stay tuned, it is all in the works.

Speaking of intentions, I have to give it to Jana this episode, she helped ease some of Roxy’s annoyance on the Kara situation and had her back questioning her broken ribs on Joan’s boat.

Super impressed with Jana this week and I can’t wait to see next week’s ep and watch Jana and Kara go head-to-head which, based on the previews, looks like something we’re building up to.

Enjoy and as always keep the conversation flowing like red wine at my house via Twitter and sound off in the comments below.

Happy listening, xx!

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