Little Likes Podcast Fourteen

And we back babies! Today’s photo perfectly sums up how I’ve felt the past week.

Needed a little social media break due to some personal matters but we are here and happy and ALL IS WELL!

The best news though?!

Episode Fourteen is now L I V E above and on iTunes.

I’m finally giving you my feedback on the Bachelorette Finale and ATFR plus we are answering your questions on relationships, fitness, a quarter life crisis and career!

My sissy poo, Mia, is back to help me out with your Q’s and damn she does a great job…she even has a Friends reference, so basically she nailed it this week.

So did you guys, you are f*cking amazing at asking questions, so much so that I wanted to let you know there’s a new way to reach me…

Send me an email here: littlelikespodcast@gmail.com to ask all your questions, completely anonymously and effortlessly.

Have even more questions you need answered, in real time, by a pack of quasi-sane ladies, with real life experience, just like you?!

Join the SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP HERE and let’s chat all things health, fitness, fashion, beauty and relationships.


I am so grateful that you’re interested in the Q&A and are actually asking questions and engaging with the podcast.

It makes me the most happy so THANK YOU!

Especially after the week we had, I was LEGIT the happiest to come back to recording and so eager to answer your listener questions.

Ok that’s enough exclamation points and cap locks for one post, I’m starting to make myself sick ha!

Let me know what you think of today’s episode and who you want to hear next.

And be sure to find my sissy on Instagram and Twitter to share a little lady love, x!

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