Little Likes Podcast Five

Ok Episode Five of the Little Likes Podcast is finally live! I recorded this at about 5:30 AM so my apologies if I am delusional, lacking enthusiasm and generally CANNOT KANNOT with Kara.

You guys, she is just soooo extra. I legit was so frustrated at her level of krazy and disappointment because her girlfriends got drunk at dinner party.

Let’s debrief:

a) You stole Roxy’s birthday night A N D her birthday theme.

b) Nothing was actually ruined. You were mad that you couldn’t explain wine pairings and limoncello cake.

c) You’re actually ever such a schemer since you actively invited your friends to go banana boating in the hopes that they got sick because of their hangovers.

UGH! So much drama, so much to discuss. Go listen. Enjoy.

And be sure to spill all the tea with me here, here and here.

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