Little Likes Podcast Eleven


While I have loved and will continue doing the Real Housewives of Toronto episodes, I had a hankering for a little housekeeping on the podcast.

So my apologies for the hiatus – I was doing research, asking you guys what you wanted to hear and most importantly, lining up some GUESTS!


I’m pumped because I finally figured out how to record myself and a guest which is FAB because there were many asks for expert advice that I simply am unqualified to provide.

With that being said, my first guest is none other than my sissy poo, Maria 🙂

A lot of you have written me when we’ve posted workouts on my Instagram Stories (find me here) with questions for her and in need of advice.

So we get down to the nitty gritty: nutrion vs. working out, Tone It Up vs. Kayla Itsines and few personal questions from you guys as well!

We also finally get down to the most asked question you have: when to strength train vs. when to do cardio.

I also wanted to thank the brave ladies who submitted their questions for this first guest podcast – we keep names completely anonymous so if you do have a question and want to share it in private please email me imalittle.blog@gmail.com

Let me know what you think of my first guest and how you like the format.

In the next couple weeks I’ll be chatting with another boss babe and a relationship guru so please, please, please email or DM/comment me your career, school and relationship questions. 

We will be getting covering all the little likes and I am SO thrilled to hear what you think!

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