Little Likes Podcast Eight

Guys I tried to pic a photo for today’s post that best represented the Real Housewife in me.

How did I do?

Anyway, since I have been such a dink and neglected my RHOT podcasting duties I’ve decided…

Episode Eight is a D O U B L E  D O S E.

I am fully caught up on all RHOT episodes and this week’s podcast is a double whammy recap.

It’s my apology/love letter to all my listeners so now we are back on track in preparation for the season finale.

Some major Kara haterade in the back half of the podcast so my apologies in advance for the mean spirit but IT IS WELL DESERVED.

I’m sorry, I just can’t with her and I am sooooo over it.

She needs to go.

I also did a major creep on some of the ladies’ Instagrams and realized she was not involved in a lot of the press for the show.

Drama? Is she mad at how she was conveyed on the show? Was it all editing? Is the RHOT Kara the real Kara?

We need a reunion episode and this is my call to action for all the RHOT Fans out there:

Let’s tweet the shit out of Slice.ca (find them here) and request a Special Reunion Episode.


Share your thoughts on the podcast, episodes and my BIG reunion idea via Twitter and Instagram and in the comments below.

Happy Listening Littles, x!

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