Last Minute Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

We are just a couple sleeps away from Valentine’s Day and I know that some of you are still wondering WTF am I going to do?

I get it. Life is busy and Valentine’s Day is not everyone’s cup of tea but I know from experience that even people who “don’t care to celebrate” usually end up doing something.

And so in honour of you last minute love birds, I’m sharing five fun ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day in style that won’t require a ton of legwork to execute.

A little disclaimer for you planners out there: don’t take any last minute idea too seriously – usually it ends up being a barrel of laughs because the date is so budget and rushed but that’s honestly half of the fun, I promise.

Throw your organizational caution to the wind and embrace the experience, enjoy!

Go Skating

If you live in a cold climate what is more damn romantic that a little skate date with your sweetie? I am not the world’s best skater but I know anytime I’ve gone out on the ice it results in an ab workout from laughter, a lot of hand holding and snuggling close to your date while you warm up with hot chocolate après. Not in a cold climate? Head to a bowling alley (my faveeee) or the beach with a quick charcuterie packed.

Play Hooky from Work

What is more fun that playing hooky from work with your babe and spending the day in hiding or on an adventure? It really doesn’t matter what you get up to because you both agreed to be in on the dare and there’s nothing more exciting than that! Stay in bed all day watching rom coms or binging that show you both refused to watch without one another or get in the car and head away from the city or your town to a unique destination that you always talk about visiting but never go for.

Cook a Fancy Meal at Home

Not a Michelin-star chef? No problem! Learn something new as a couple by picking a semi-fancy recipe online and then working through it as a team. You can get inexpensive Shabbat candles from any dollar store, so add a little romance to the process by elevating your at-home experience. If you want to take it one step further, once you’re done cooking, get all dolled up in your finest suits (or sweats), have a bottle of wine or your favorite cocktails on hand and just live it up without the worry of getting home. And if all else fails (read: did you burn your meal?) there is always Uber Eats or Seamless, so don’t stress if it’s not perfect.

Book a Last-Minute Staycation

Did you know there are last-minute hotel booking services? Hotel Tonight is one that comes to mind but if you want to get out of the house and still do something then book a staycation in your city. You can find a relatively inexpensive stay or splurge on a fancy spot for less than you’d normally pay to celebrate  like a celeb. Hit up the hotel room, don those cozy AF robes and order room service. Or get dressed up and head to the hotel bar to splurge on cocktails and appetizers.

Check Out a New Hotspot

When it comes down to it there is likely so much going on in your city which you aren’t aware of. While you might not be able to get a last minute reservation, why not try a spot that doesn’t require any lead time? I hit up Assembly Chef’s Hall this past week and went on a culinary world tour in one spot. Or have a game night at an arcade or space like Dave & Buster’s where you can play while you wait to sit down for a bite. Even if you’re out for a couple hours it’ll be fun to experience something for the first time together that you might’ve otherwise let pass you by.

The point of Valentine’s Day is to have fun with your sweetheart so whatever you end up doing the most important thing is to make a memory with the ones you love!

Hope these ideas inspire you to get out and celebrate love with your hunny on February 14th, x!

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