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Last Little Look.



There are pros and cons to this bloggy life. I mean there are really just pros but I’ve been struck with a bit of a dilemma lately. I have been fortunate enough to receive oodles of clothes to review and style for the site, but it’s left me with a terrible overflow in my closet. I have limited space to begin with and this is proving to be quite the challenge. Luckily, whenever I face these issues I turn to my lovely friend, Google, and he always points me in the right direction. I found these wonderful organizing tips here and can happily say that I will be spending my weekend getting my closet together and prepping for a fresh start to the new week.

Also, last episode of Breaking Bad this Sunday…is ANYONE prepared for this? No. Me neither, I didn’t think so and I’m so afraid!

Have a great weekend littles, xx!

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