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It’s Friday the 13th!

While some feel this is a scary omen, I always see it as a sign of good luck. Perhaps it’s the result of living with three superstitious Italians all through university, so I’ll take all the luck I can get!

I’m rounding off this short week of blogging (again I am terribly sorry, I was slammed with exhaustion and could not get my life together Sunday-Tuesday) with the sweetest little discovery during NYFW. While you know my obsession with fashionable kiddies from here, I came across the chicest of chic toddlers while filing through Fashion Week photos.

Alia Wang is the undeniably adorable niece of Alexander Wang. When one of the world’s most influential designers is your uncle, you know you’re guaranteed to have incredible style. And little miss Alia does not disappoint. A true New Yorker, she is constantly rocking all black looks with an attitude to rival her style. With custom outfits and accessories care of her famous family tie, Alia easily captures the attention of photographers and passerby’s alike. I look forward to watching this butterfly blossom and I have a feeling Alexander Wang has a little protege to mentor in the very near future.

Have an amazing weekend Littles, I hope this Friday brings you much luck!









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