the one with kanye west 2020

trigger warning: mental illness and child loss

we made it through this week’s episode without firetrucks and moderate cuts for the barking dog so HERE WE ARE.

topics today include: a #freebritney rally in LA, kanye’s presidential rally in SC and parallels (but mostly variances) in the two artists’ journeys as they cope with alleged and confirmed mental illnesses in the public eye.

i am very very curious about one aspect of the comparison in particular so do get ready for some follow up action on today’s episode.

finishing nice and soft we quickly dissect princess beatrice’s wedding, the location, the dress, who was there and where you can see the pics (hint: not on my tiktok).

hope you enjoy, and yes please rate her 5 stars, follow her on spotify podcasts and leave a review should you be so inclined.

that’s all for today but probably not. ok bye!


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