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Just A Day

In the past year of blogging, I have read time & time again that bloggers never get a day off. I always thought of it as a pretty bold statement until the day that it’s meaning finally rang true in my life.

I’ll start at the beginning: the truth is bloggers can take off as much or as little time as they want. I mean let’s get weird here, no one’s holding sharp objects to your head saying, “Write! Write!” as you frantically photoshop, link, bedazzle and smile. I think the reality behind that statement, at least for me (a ‘blogger’ who doesn’t blog as a full-time gig), is that bloggers love to write, share and inspire other people. Part of why I enjoy this passion process so much and strive to do it every day, is that I simply love learning & discovering beautiful things, and taking that content & sharing that with the readers who visit my blog.

So today, when I really, really did not feel like blogging there was a teeny voice in my head saying, “Just share.” I know my blog isn’t the one you visit to take in all my feelings and digest my daily life…I mean that’s why you follow me on Twitter right?!

(I’ll break for your laughter).

little source.

But in all seriousness, there are moments when I do feel I need to justify why the normalcy of the blog isn’t quite up to par and quite frankly, today is just one of those days.

Yesterday, we sadly lost our family pooch after 15 years of friendship and as I knew it was coming, haven’t felt like myself for a few days. He was my first best friend and one of my oldest, given that he was with me for over half of my life. I won’t go in to details or rant any further but needless to say, these are the times when the last thing I want to do is throw on a cute outfit and outline the styling process for the Internet.

I am fortunate that this community of bloggers is so vast and definitely make it easier to entertain y’all in a different way. While I apologize for not having any original content to share, I’ll take today, (I won’t disappear!) and send you around the online globe for some inspiration.

  • Like Fashion? Try this on.
  • Want Photos? Click here.
  • Need Beauty? Lipsmack it.
  • Love Decor? Live here.
  • Adore Food? Eat with this.

 I’ll be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled programming. Sometimes a gal just needs a day, but that doesn’t mean I will take it off!

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