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I was really intrigued when I caught wind of the buzz around Essena Oneill this morning. Oneill is a 19-year-old Aussie who recently spread the word that she’s quitting social media. While I take issue with the fact that she hasn’t actually quit and instead has shifted a focus from one brand to another, I can agree with some of her points around our desire to curate a perfect feed, perfect post, perfect 140 characters with which we choose to share as our everyday, about town lives.

I think I am truly fortunate with the fact that I get to travel and experience so many wonderful things in my life and I do enjoy sharing those moments with my fam, friends, followers and readers alike. I can also admit, and fully disclose when I am sharing original content that is sponsored by a brand or product and while I do participate in these blogger programs, I do ensure that opinions are completely my own.

I don’t take issue with the above: I love to share and heck I am calling my parents or friends when I travel at any hour of the day or night if something exciting happens. I am sending photos via email if I want them to see things I don’t feel comfortable sharing online and yes, as a blogger, I am fortunate that I can financially support myself by creating interesting content and working with brands that I enjoy, use in my day-to-day and want to provide honest feedback to those who choose to listen and check out my blog on the regular.

I like social media…I would go as far as to say I love it. I love being thankful for my life and working to create a world that people can escape to, learn from and genuinely enjoy. But that’s all that it is…a place to come, learn and enjoy. My online persona is me but it’s snippets of my everyday life and that’s all.

I want to ensure that people know I blog because I enjoy it…it is not my full-time job and it is not me peddling for partnerships for side cashish. I am so lucky to do this and gain from it and share the things I love week after week.

Now for the fun stuff…below I’ve highlighted a few posts where I did take the extra time to create a great moment. If you get a laugh out of the stories, if you think I’m an idiot and that makes you smile or if you just feel sorry for me…either way I am delighted and regardless of how others feel, I admit, I do care about making each post look lovely and pretty. But please don’t think this is my always life and please know that while I do take the time to create photos people want to see, it’s not my whole life and if you believe that it is or if that’s the case for you, then I absolutely agree that you should take a little break as Essena suggests.

There’s a great big world out there and if you’re getting caught up in creating the perfect feed you’re going to miss all of it!
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Well yes I did go to the spa, and yes I did get a fantastic massage and relax on a Sunday…but you better believe I had my girlfriend snap 20-30 photos of me looking chill in the empty spa. Trust me it was a waiting game for the kiddies who were playing in the pool area.FullSizeRender

A little flat lay, French fry post. Yes I lugged all these items to the mall food court and yes I bought a Vogue to put in the post which I ended up giving to a girlfriend. And for those of you wondering, no I didn’t eat both of those fries, I gave one away to a couple of high schoolers sitting beside us, who definitely thought I was crazy for snapping so many fries photos.IMG_4380

Casamigos tequila…GOOD. But I didn’t get to enjoy this bevvy as much as you thought I would. This had to be posted at a specific time and conveniently I was running to the airport right after taking this photo. It’s minimalist because I was rushed and I truly didn’t get to enjoy this cocktail at the time of my post (but my sister did, thanks for taking one for the team love). I could use a stiff drink like this after all these truths lol!Processed with VSCOcam with j1 presetAnd finally, the perfectly, well-lit selfie. Well let’s get real…this photo was helped by the fact that I had great natural lighting and simple makeup that just seemed to be working that day. My relaxed look matched my casual t-shirt and yes I took about 5 selfies before settling on this one but I promise I took this photo almost a full calendar year before I actually posted it (I probably didn’t thread my eyebrows the entire time in between and these babies were FRESH). Compounded with a good VSCO filter, I banked this bad boy until it was time for an emergency post. I have a ton of #latergrams and you may think it’s silly but as a personal brand and business, the stock pile of photos come in handy more than you realize.

So now you know the life behind a few features and I hope a little more about who I am as a blogger and social sharer.

Thank you Essena for highlighting this crazy world that is the Internet and social media. I hope you continue to enjoy the world I create and don’t forget to remind yourself from time to time it’s not the whole picture, xx!

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