i’m a little podcast: back 2 cool


GUYS! I got such lovely feedback from you guys on the first podcast. T H A N K Y O U *hand hug*

Kind of super scary to put myself out there (shoutout to anyone who told me my voice sounds cool in the past because…did you hear podcast one?)…but I am thankful that I have your support to try something new and see where it goes.

I’m back this week with another one and I figured given the time of year we should be talking about all things Back to School. Clearly I’m a dinosaur so I won’t be headed back to school but that doesn’t mean I can’t get nostalgic about B2S shopping with Daddy Niko or discuss those must-have items that should exist in every 20-30 something’s fall wardrobe. I chat cost per wear, and apparently my undying love for Zara’s price point all while my sister watched unwillingly.

So give it a listen…let me know if you agree with my brash but fashionable statements and as always, please comment below or on Twitter or Instagram, Pinterest…EVERY & ANYWHERE!

Love you lots, enjoy littles!

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