ya, we're basic.

{imalittle} ~ christmas vacation.

{just one of the trees at my parents’}

{gifts ready to go}

{cutest gift tags ~ no peeking}

{monopoly game well under way}

{festively spiced candle from here}

{little guy all tuckered out from the day}

i just returned home from the most amazing weekend at my parents’ house. it was a Christmas to remember ~ with the hustle of the past couple weeks, it was lovely to get away, relax & just slow time right down. i gave & received brilliant gifts, ate way too much food and drank copious amounts of wine.

my sissy & i whipped up a delicious Christmas breakfast of lemon ricotta pancakes {recipe to come} and our family played our annual game of Monopoly which my mum won for the first time ever! i truly wish time could stand still & i could keep this holiday going forever, but alas life must go on and it is back to reality. next week everything will be back to normal but in the meantime i will be blogging recipes from the weekend!

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