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If You’re Going…

I do not know how you have a bad time in San Francisco. Not that I’ve heard it’s a bad time, I’m just saying…I am having an absolute ball. Beyond the wicked food and amazing people, it is an all-around beautiful city, no matter which way you slice it.

Yesterday, we literally ran from one end of town to the other (read: DO NOT DO THIS, it’s seriously painful and there are so many hills) and rewarded ourselves by eating everything from herehere and here.

We also made the executive decision to implement a travel log/blog because of my desperate need to share and impose my opinion on everyone. I have tasted some of the best meals of my life here in San Fran & I strongly encourage you to visit this Cali nook and experience it for yourself. You’ll be so very happy you did and I promise, any suggestions I can make (such as, swinging off a cable car and the best Irish Coffee in town) I will absolutely be there to help.

Today we’re Napa bound which means wine, family & warmer weather, but mostly the expectation that my posts will make even less sense then they do now…

You’ve been warned, xx, A.

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