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How I Broke My Foot

Ok let’s get one thing straight. My foot isn’t broken, it’s sprained.

But I think “Broke” my foot rolls off the tongue better, so I’m going with it.

So basically I was in LA for this bachelorette for my girlfriend Jenna, and we were out at a club Poppy.

Now I have a longstanding history with Poppy, because at Coachella, I lost my friends at the Poppy party (which was IN A GIANT FIELD) for 2.5 hours and they all had to wait to find me.

So let’s just say, I should not have gone to Poppy a second time around. Me and Poppy do not get along.

Anyway this weekend wasn’t about me so I soldiered over to Poppy and it was on.

We had a booth, we had drinks, we had all the dance moves – everything was great, right?


Give it about 1 hour in to the night and this little drunk Jaden Smith wannabe stumbles while walking around the bar and right into my in our booth.

So I go down. But it didn’t feel that bad. And I continued to hang because I’m tough like that, ya know?

About another hour later I had to step off of our booth to go to the bathroom or leave or something, I don’t even remember.

And my ankle that had already been rolled once that night (and is so weak from old gymnastics and plyometrics injuries) just completely gave out.

The pain that I felt was like Top 3 worst pains of my life and we all thought I broke it 100% – and who knows it might still be or fractured…I should probs go to the doctor.

Either way I was carried out of the bar, Whitney Houston styles, by a lovely strong male friend who just happened to be there and my girls by my side.

Not my best moment and what makes it worse is that I wasn’t even drunk so I recall all of this. Like why am I less clumsy after a few cocktails?!

I have been icing, elevating and resting – my friend even gave me crutches for the rest of the week – and things have been improving.

My foot is now a sick blue and black color, but I’m pretty sure that means it’s healing…once again, I should probs go to the doctor.

So ya, that’s my story and it’s easier to type out here than try to respond to your DMs, which I love and adore you for your concern.

Today I could actually fit my foot in my shoe with the tensor bandage, which is a HUGE improvement and I think with a compression sock for the plane I shouldn’t have too much trouble.

Tips for preventing this in the future?

I think it’s a good sign to invest in physiotherapy since I tend to roll or sprain my ankle a few times a year (not to this degree).

Also, maybe sit down after rolling it the first time. I do not know why I always try to be a hero, but I just didn’t want to bother anybody or have my friends think I was having any less fun.

Regardless, it all worked out, my foot will heal and until it does I have sooo many shows to catch up on, the couch is definitely a good place to be rn.

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