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Homemade Rice Bowls

imageHad a few people asking about my brown rice bowl recipe I posted on Instagram last night. I just boil brown rice with a mix of water & consommé. I then take shrimp, de-shell it and marinate it in a mixture of 2 chopped garlic cloves, a handful of chopped parsley, salt, pepper and the juice of half a lemon (for about 10-15 shrimp — this sounds like a lot but the flavor gets sautéed with the veggies once cooking).

I then defrost a frozen organic vegetable medley, sauté my shrimp in a little EVOO and add the veggies once the shrimp is almost cooked. I think season with a little more salt and pepper to taste and maybe a splash of garlic powder and then cover this on low heat to allow the veggies to absorb some of the flavor. I think serve it on a bed of brown rice and voila, we have our homemade rice bowl!

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