homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I’m going to begin this post with a ‘there’s nothing I love more…’ reference, which is a common occurrence on i’m a little. during a recipe post, so you’ve been warned. But actually, there is nothing I love more after a hearty meal than a fresh out of the oven, crisp around the edge, soft in the middle, warm & gooey chocolate chip cookie. Seriously, have I made you drool just yet? I sure hope so 🙂
After my weekend getaway plans came to a soft halt, I was left with a rare & unusual amount of free time. Confused by this newfound open schedule, I set out to find the ultimate recipe: a simple-to-follow, bake-and-serve classic chocolate chip cookie recipe. After multiple google searches, I found the one…{after googling: homemade Pillsbury cookie dough recipes which I think are the standard in deliciously easy chocolate chip cookies}. 
I used this recipe here and decided to mix & match my chocolate chips. Instead of the bittersweet chocolate chips the recipe calls for, I combined semisweet chocolate chips with some dark baker’s chocolate that I shaved & chopped to give the cookies that classically rustic, homemade look. After refrigerating overnight in preparation for my Saturday Date Night Man Meal of steak & potatoes for DT, we baked these babies up {truth: first we sat on the couch in absolute disgust of what we just consumed and then we baked them up}. They were the PERFECT and I mean PERFECT dessert after a big meal. Light & airy around the crunchy edge, these cookies also melted in your mouth after the soft centre bite. Simply served with champagne flutes of milk, we toasted our treats to a lovely meal & unexpected date night at home. I highly recommend you whip these up and keep the dough on hand in your fridge. Besides the classic definition of deliciousness, they make a flavourful statement as a go-to treat for any occasion.

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