Holiday House Envy

Listen, it is the holidays and so I have to be honest, but these photos are a complete repost from of my favourite online sources of inspiration: Lark + Linen. Jacquelyn is an incredible up + coming interior designer in the city, who curates the most beautiful blog and oh my goodness I could gush for days.

I love her stuff. What can I say?

I was just doing my usual peruse of her site the other day and came across the most gorgeous photos from here, showcasing Swimwear designer Marysia Dobranska’s wonderfully simplistic holiday decor. I am always short of breath when I see stunning less-is-more decor, as I seriously envy one’s ability to show restraint while designing and somehow still have it end up looking perfectly proper. While I try (time and time again) to be someone who takes the subtle route, it’s just not me (my home looks like to threw up Christmas, I swear), but that does not mean I cannot long for the moments where design inspires me to change my ways, especially during the holidays. And yes, I rhymed…don’t deny that you loved it.

Thanks Jacquelyn for the holiday find, xx!


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