her fevers breaking…

just spent my lunch alone, reading fashion magazine and eating far too much sushi. i will be retweeting these words in my head, “please don’t snack this aft, please don’t snack this aft.”  never hungry, always bored…I just read a tweet v/ my friend noodle and she came up with a fun new word: HANGRY = hungry + angry…maybe that’s why I snack so much in the afternoon.

mumsie, aka the blind side, just told me my jacket arrived. I am far too excite. perhaps I called her, made her try on the coat and tell me how it made her feel. perhaps. closest she’ll ever get to sending a photo text that’s for shiz.
its quite funny spending lunch alone. people look at you weird and probably conclude one or a few of the following: 1) you’re a looser with no friends 2) you hate everyone you work with 3) your life is so incredibly sad that they can’t help but feel bad for you.

I prefer to be judged on the latter of the 3 options, because then people are nice to me and it makes me feel good.

but for serious, I relish RELISH the moments that I have to myself. sitting alone, in silence, peace, quiet, tranquility…with a few of my fav things: sushi, fashion & green tea. on an absolutely gorgeous spring day there’s nothing better.

I gots to thinking a lot about spring. my friend and I discussed the idea of a “spring resolution”, committing to a promise of change. very fitting for spring. we felt it best if we resolved to complain less. this is a goodie, as I complain about on very large part of my life. but that’s another post. soon. I hopies. call me. love you. not really though that’s weird.
I am making a number of changes in my life: a new address (o m g 5 days), a new coat (sorry shameless love you smythe) and a new sense of self thanks in large part to my bloggie but also I’ve made an effort to journal, meditate, eat right & exercise as a means of staying sane.

my life has also gotten quite hectic by means of volunteering: burgundy brick is on the road to recovery, aka, we are looking to plan a new event for s/s 2010, I am helping people with personal brands, resumes and understanding the basics of social media. and I’ve been looking to do some freelance writing — doing pr for up and coming designers/companies. I really have enjoyed being creative and I want to keep this feeling I have going for a while.

spring is all about feeling renewed, out with the old and in with the new. I’ve was down on myself for quite some time, but am conscious to perk up. it’s a long journey and I get stumped when I see people who have it better or easier than i. I’m very lucky and I love my life and spring is the perfect time to reflect upon that. I’m excited to begin a fresh chapter and welcome the bunnies & sunnies with open arms.

no more winter complaints, just spring showers in compliments.

loves ya like a mean girl.


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