he ate my heart.

I swore I would not do a venereal day post. But as per request of my fans (mom, dad, love you too) I find myself unable to avoid this monopoly of a “holiday”. For someone so loving of the brand name, I’m shocked at my own rejection of commercialization.

I’m not bitter, obvi most people know babe and his adoration for all things me. How can one lack such lust for romance when they have love in their life?

Oh, I’ll tell you how. Valentines day is crap. It’s a pathetic excuse for people to express feelings they should convey on a daily basis. And on top of that it’s a depressing moment for those who are alone and long for a partner to share happiness with. There’s nothing wrong with being alone; there’s nothing wrong with being together. But why create an entire day dedicated to such segregation?

I love the singletons who take control and go out to celebrate independence and the maximum excitement that is a one-night tryst with a stranger. But what about the lonelies who are not one by choice? Those who have loved, lost or never understood the emotion to begin with? Why do we shun them? I do not know.

Why can’t VDay be every day? The way my dad comes home with flowers for my mom at random, or the way my sister leaves suitcase love notes for her babe.

Love letters expressing raw feel, a paused look to take you in, that extra hour to just lay. These are the real moments: the ones we should crave and savour and be unable to live without. I cannot force myself to feel the way I am ‘suppose’ to feel on a specific day. Romance is not romance if its marked on a calendar and passion trumps st. v 364 days of the year. I don’t mean to offend and to those who need this day as a reason to express true emotion, I’m happy for you. But its not for me.

For whatever reasons, stated above and beyond, i find it difficult to love love on February 14.

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