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Hashtag JanuArie is Here

You guys, The Bachelor has arrived and it kicked off in a h u g e way.

To be as corny as my favorite show of the season, Arie Luyendyk Jr. is in the driver’s seat and while I have my opinions of him (kind of a d-bag, rumored womanizer and what’s with the make up?) I kind of had a feeling that Arie’s season was going to be incredible and if the first episode was any indication, we are in for a real treat.

Shout out if you’re like me and had a hard time keeping up. The ladies were fire-y as f*ck last night and they wasted no time stirring up the drama.

Between the Laurens, Bekah (how old is she omg) and Chelsea, it’s evident that Arie has his hands full.

A lot went down so time to do a quick recap and discuss the highlights of last night’s top ladies:

Chelsea aka “Ch-Emily”

Chelsea definitely came on a tad strong and is for sure being set up as the villain of the season.

My friend who is also a mega fan of the show wrote me stating that Chelsea has a quasi-resemblance to Emily (Arie’s former Bachelorette gf from six years ago). It’s kind of true – see Chelsea and Emily here – but either way she wasted no time getting to know Arie and locking down that first impression rose. But you know who she didn’t make a positive first impression on? The rest of the ladies in the house. It’ll be interesting to see what Chemily does as the season goes on but she is surely one to watch.


Do we know how old Bekah is? All they gave us on the show last night was her mentioning she’s young but they did not reveal her age nor did Arie ask (probably because he is down for it, allegedly, if the rumors are true). A quick Google search leads to me to believe Bekah is 21 or 22 – you have to be 21 to be on the show so maybe they didn’t reveal her age because at the time of filming her birthday hadn’t passed and she was on the cusp. Either way only time will tell how Arie feels about it but as of last night’s ep he is definitely here to learn more.


Oh my god – Jenna STOP TALKING. I don’t even know if Arie got in a word in with this 28 y.o. social media manager because all I could focus on was that she needed to shut the f*ck up. Sorry to be harsh and I know these girls are nervous but holy heck you need to take a breath.


Krystal seems like a very genuinely nice girl and while I am not a fan of her voice, Arie found it super soothing so I am putting her on my list as one to go far. She comes off as extremely positive and I loved that she disclosed information about her brother and how she’s taking a difficult situation and finding positive action out of it (i.e. delivering packages to those less fortunate).


I think Kendall is the taxidermy loving, ukulele player? I honestly can’t keep up with all these gimmicks but apparently girls like this actually exist so here we are. I am thinking that Kendy’s “unique” quirks will make for a very fun Bachelor in Paradise personality so here’s hoping that she doesn’t get picked as the winner this season or the future Bachelorette.


That’s just a quick little round-up of my thoughts on some of the standout the ladies from episode 1.

As we know with The Bachelor it’s still anyone’s game and only time will tell who is coming out on top. I didn’t get any clear frontrunner vibes from ep 1 so I’ll have to tune in next week to make my official picks.

I cannot wait to keep talking about it as the drama unfolds.

I’ll see you next week!

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