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happy december!

happy december first imalittles!

i feel like i’ve been spinning out in a million different directions this week. as always, i apologize for the lack of posts, i am trying to get my life off the web organized. there have been summer/winter wardrobe swaps, a looooooot of sorting through old mail & bills & magazines and SO MUCH JUNK!

it was my goal to get this done before december 1st as the array of holiday parties scheduled has left me with little time to do anything other than bake, wear ugly sweaters & celebrate with those i care for the most. i will be posting holiday gift-giving ideas beginning next week and i am so eager to share my ideas with y’all ~ i hope they help you. my gift-giving has been a bit tougher this year, hard for me to find everyone on my list the perfect gift.

if you have any ideas for gift giving for men, email me at imalittle {dot} blog {at} gmail {dot} com

would L O V E your help!

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