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Guest Blog: Body Morphology

Happy Thursday i’m a littles! I am happy to announce that today we have a little guest blogger upon us and she’ll be chatting health, fitness & beauty. While this lady is both educated and experienced in the world of health and fitness, she also happens to be my big sis, Mia! While she blogs daily here it makes me so proud to share her tips & tricks on i’m a little. today.  She is incredibly knowledgable and I hope you enjoy what she has to share!

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So, spring has sprung & running season is upon us. Alex is training for her first 10K and came to me with a world of anxieties {she truly is a Virgo}. Some people are “born runners” ~ the alarm sounds and they’re tickled by the realization that it isn’t raining, the sun is shining and there’s a light breeze, PERFECT for a RUN. For those of us who are not runners, getting up & tying on a pair of running shoes is certainly not a delightful thought.

But do not fret: I have a few beginner tips on dressing for a run/workout and some beauty do’s & don’ts to get you started.

How Do I Dress Appropriately?

A couple basics:

  • Wear well-fitted, breathable clothes which support and minimize chaffing.
  • Chose clothes that accentuate and flatter: you’ll feel more confident while conquering the road.

If you’re Pear Shaped try to wear light colors on top to draw eyes up and away from your thighs. Your pants can help balance and lengthen your shape if you choose styles which cut off just below the knee, or with a slight flare. Avoid wearing bottoms with colored stripes down the sides of the legs. They’ll make your hips seem fuller.

If you’re Boy Shaped create the illusion of curves with tops that have a shelf bra with some padding or brighter colors and pants that have a pop of colour at the hips. Avoid sporting one color from head to toe. It will make you look blocky & it is just not as fun!

Apple Shaped bodies should opt flared tops that tie or cinch, defining your narrowest part of your torso and conceal your tummy. Fitted capris or tights flatter your toned legs. Avoid clothing with flares or ruffles, or belled tops with hip elastics.

If you’re naturally Hourglass Shaped choose tops with defined necklines and detailing near your midsection to show off your trim waist. Play up toned quads in shorter styles, or go for a BOLD color on the bottom. You’ll only look larger if you cover up, so avoid baggy or bulky layers.

Exercise vs. Breakout Surprise

While you want to look good while working out, forgo a full face of makeup, which might clog your pores while you sweat. Opt for a clean face: use a cotton, lycra or terry headband to keep sweat out. If you prefer not to go completely au naturale use a tinted moisturizer & lip balm or translucent foundation to add a bit of colour to your face. My sister likes this one here.

Keep hair style to a minimum, as styling products can sweat into your eyes. A simple ponytail or bun, if your hair is long enough, or a nice lycra headband for shorter hair lengths, will help keep strands out of your face.

Finally, PLEASE!

Ladies of ALL shapes and sizes: if you’re well-endowed, whether genetically or cosmetically, PLEASE choose a bra that holds your assets in properly! Your breasts will thank you. A sports bra should fit snugly, yet not feel too constrictive. Look for one that stretches horizontally but not vertically. Most importantly, try before you buy. For some tips on choosing the right bra, and why it’s so important, you can check out my blog here.

A big sisterly THANK YOU to Alex & i’m a little. for letting me pop over today. Keep up the hard work and talk soon.


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