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**goodbye 2011, hello 2012**

this year has been ridiculous. 
2011 brought a whirlwind of change, inspiration from every direction and an enormous amount of support & love from the people around me. i am delighted to move in to 2012 and hope the new year brings continued change, fresh ideas & a wealth of happiness. 
i want to say thank you to all of my readers for the support and feedback you’ve given me over the past year. coming back to blogging was not something i planned but i am thrilled that i did it and can’t believe the opportunities it’s given me. i cannot wait to bring you even better content, more posts on my personal style and as always, {diy} and recipes galore. 
i end the year with a sweet little video i found on lainey gossip. these two are adorable & i am thinking they should probably just get married and have little hipster babies with even smaller guitars.

thank you. thank you. thank you. 
all the best & i’ll see you all in 2012!

much love, hugs & *** imalittles 
xx, alex

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