Get Ready With Me – Episode #1

Ok guys, I did my first YouTube video for 2018!

A quick Get Ready With Me (#GRWM) to show you what I do and use when getting ready AND to teach myself how to edit these damn videos.

It honestly took my about five hours to get this situated and I think I need to graduate from iMovie to Adobe because iMovie was a serious pain and it crashed midway through my edit (thank god I saved the final video).

While the quality isn’t up to par in my opinion (especially because I have such great equipment, I think iMovie just blahhhed it up), I did have to upload and add music on YouTube which also took forever, so I’m not going to beat myself up too much over this one.

It was a trial run and I had a lot of fun learning and I think you’ll enjoy this getting ready because it’s perfect for everyday. I’d love to know if you want to hear these BTS conversations and if you’re interested in learning the actual tools I use and tricks I learn and not just seeing the end results.

Let me know! And now to the makeup…

I’m not big on daily eye makeup and I have a lot of scarring on my skin, so I typically focus on creating the perfect base and a subtle contour to highlight my cheekbones and lips. This is pretty much a routine I’d use if I had to head out for meetings or a casual meal, or am shooting with sunglasses.

I’ve tagged all the products I used below and if you have any questions let me know.

Did you guys enjoy this first video? What other tutorials do you want to see?

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