the one with the fyi trigger warning

trigger warning: conversations involving sexual assault.

a shameless plug i will be on a panel this evening discussing anti-racism, diversity and where to begin in the workplace and i would love if you popped by at 6:30 PM EST. you can sign up here.

we are discussing this week’s allegations from danny masterson, chris d’elia, ansel elgort and justin bieber. and honestly as i say in the podcast, we all need to take a minute and live our own lives after this. it is a lot. i understand that it’s heavy and i appreciate you tuning in to discuss these stories if only to better understand signals and learn about consent.

my number one takeaway: consent matters, consent must be explicit and consent can change.

we do also discuss ben mulroney, lainey gossip and the aftermath of that long blog post so stick around or skip to the end if that’s what you’re here for.

love you, mean it, ok bye.

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