Four Questions for My Facialist

I had my first facial with Dermalogica this week and it was A DREAM!

I have had facials in the past and my skin has scarred, broken out or been so red after that I couldn’t possibly be in public.

This facial was completely different.

While it was harsh (if you couldn’t tell my skin needs werk) when it was all over I didn’t have to hide my face in shame or worry about seeing anyone I know.

My skin was seriously glowing. Like I went to Toronto Fashion Week with no makeup glowing.

Praneeta steamed my face, used a strong exfoliant (this one did tingle a bit), followed up by a hydrating mask (since my skin is oh so dry) and then an LED blue light (which kills  acne-causing bacteria).

I honestly could’ve fallen asleep since it was so soothing, but me being me I used the time to grill poor Praneeta with all my stupid questions.

Come on. We all have questions that we want to ask, but are afraid to.

Like I seriously was so happy because I finally felt there was someone in the world I could ask my ridiculous questions to and get straight answers sans judgement.

So these are my questions.

They may have not been the most practical or the ones you’d always consider, but I guarantee that you have thought of at least one of these questions before.

1. How often do you actually need to apply spot treatment? Should you use it once a day, twice a day? As much as possible or give skin time to breathe?

You can use spot treatment every six hours if needed. There is no need to skip days, you want to treat as much as possible to ensure you’re effectively treating the blemish.

2. Should you keep the plastic packaging on your creams and face masks (i.e. the one inside the cover when you first get it)?

You can remove it. It is really only there so you know the product is new and hasn’t been tampered with. It won’t affect your cream or face masks drying out sooner.

3. How often should we actually be washing/changing our pillow cases? Weekly? Less? More?

You should be flipping your pillowcases every other day and rotate them if you are washing them once a week. You don’t want to sleep on one side more than a couple times, especially if you have skin sensitivities, are working out a lot or prone to breakouts. You should also pay attention to what detergents work well for you. If you don’t have any other influences on your breakouts, then it could easily be your detergent and you should try to use a fragrance free or sensitive skin detergent.

4. Does hair touching your face or cell phones on your face actually cause breakouts? What is appropriate and what is not?

Regarding your hair, unless you’re noticing breakouts on your hairline then you don’t really need to worry about hair touching your face. If you workout and don’t wash your hair for like two weeks, then yes you should consider keeping your hair up (and sleeping with it in a bun) but if you’re washing it a few times a week you should be ok. In terms of cell phones, you don’t want to have to phone up to your cheeks constantly if you’re also texting all day and not washing your hands or cleaning your phone screen. But it would take a lot of build up to be the main contributor to a breakout, as with the previous questions, just pay attention to the area of your skin that comes in contact with your screen if you’re noticing that breakouts are occurring in that spot specifically.

Let me know if you have any questions that you’re afraid to ask because you know I will, HA!

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