Four Factors That Cause Breakouts

I want to discuss the most annoying thing that is happening to me in 2018 – BREAKOUTS!

Like I detox, I work out, I drink the H2O, I cleanse, I spot treat, I rest, I mask.


Everything every derm, facialist and beauty blogger tells you to do. And nothing seems to work.

So I’m basically starting an investigation in to why this is happening to my skin alongside a dermatologist (more to come!) and my new facialist friend, Praneeta at Dermalogica in Toronto.

I went in last week for a skin consult with P, where we took a look at exactly what’s happening to my skin and what we can do about it.

While I got some clarity around my breakouts and why they’re happening (HORMONES YOU ASSHOLES), Praneeta did say that there are steps we can take to help mitigate the frequency of my breakouts.

We discussed the four factors that cause breakouts and what that means for your skin:

1. Build Up of Dead Skin

Hey here’s a neat lesson: if you don’t exfoliate, that old skin will build up and create a layer of garbage that blocks your skin from breathing properly. Who knew right?! But seriously, I avoided exfoliating because I was using one that was super grainy and harsh, i.e., not the one for my skin. It left it red and irritated and no I actually needed to switch to a micro-exfoliant and that has seriously made all the difference.

2. Production of Sticky Oil

So when you don’t exfoliate regularly, you know what starts to build up under that dead skin? OIL. Yes that sticky, thick substance that hasn’t be able to escape might not be seen on all skin types (for example, I was actually incredibly dry. I had no idea) but it is there and it is thriving. While you skin naturally produces oil and needs to, a regular washing (and yes exfoliant) ensures that you’re striping away the bad to allow for the good to reproduce.

3. Presence of Inflammation

If you’re starting a notice a trend that all of these factors affect and precede one another gradually, well babies that’s what is happening. From the dead skin, to the sticky oil, if you haven’t taken care of those or effectively eliminated one then yes you’re going to get hit with some inflammation. This is the redness, the enflamed skin, the dark spots or white ones under the eyes. All those things you’re praying won’t pop up – yup they’re coming and now you have to work from the outside in. Hello spot treatments.

4. Breed Bacteria

Finally, the three above factors eventually lead to the bacteria. The toxins on your skins surface and trapped under the dead skin work together and basically are cause a clusterf-ck which then pop up on your skins surface as a zit. Now to try and hope that we don’t get to step four, as I mentioned above we have to try to tackle at least one of the first three factors.

This is why I’m on a new skin care regime with a more frequent micro-exfoliation, the addition of a moisturizer and a stronger spot treatment to try and reduce the already inflamed and bacteria-ridden spots on my skin.

So it seems we’re in for a treat you guys.

Because it doesn’t look like this is going away any time soon AND I will not rest until I have some grandiose understanding of what is happening to my skin or you know, it just f-cking heals. So don’t worry, you’ll be a part of it the process and I’ll be sharing my findings as we go.

For now, you can shop what I’ve currently stocked my cosmetics cupboard with to get started.

Cannot wait my babes, x.

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