Flourless Chocolate Cake.

These past few weeks my sweet tooth has been in overdrive. While I’ve managed to keep my cravings at bay {with the likes of fat-free fro~yo and modestly healthy toppings}, this past weekend I really wanted to make something unapologetically decadent & rich.

I quickly found this recipe here and instantly opted to try my hand at it. While I was nervous to nix the flour & use egg whites {I get so, so, so nervous when beating egg whites to stiff peaks}, the result was a light & airy chocolate dream. It was much less intimidating then expected and I will definitely be adding this dessert to my regular recipe rotation.

Just a few little notes:
*For gluten-free littles out there, this recipe is right up your alley. 
**I’d also recommend that you allow the cake to cool entirely to really set the texture & consistency of your cake.

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