Financial Fix with Paytm Canada

Ok guys, let’s get one thing straight. I am bad at money management.

I am that guy. The one who tries their darndest save yet blinks and all of their money is gone.

I have come to terms with my shortcomings with savings, but since admitting this to myself, I have been making a seriously conscious effort to change. And that includes also admitting that I need support when it comes to creating and sticking to new habits.

So when I was asked to try out the Paytm app that recently launched in Canada, I was excited about the prospect of improving my financial health and actually focusing on managing my funds.

The Paytm app has been extremely helpful for me and it’s for a few reasons. Most importantly, the app sends me reminders when my bills are due so I have no excuse not to pay them on time. This was easily one of my biggest financial fails. If I don’t set a reminder in my calendar I will truly forget to do anything. Honestly. I have to schedule workouts, phone call reminders and even walking Choco in my calendar, so an automated reminder was critical for me to pay things on time.

The app is a no-fee platform so it costs nothing to download and use, and the more you use it, the more it helps you predict your monthly expenses so you know exactly how to budget and what your spending habits look like on a monthly basis.

But what I really love the most about the app is that Paytm actually rewards you when you use it to pay your bills. You earn points when paying your bills through the app and if you use your credit card you’re earning your card rewards and Paytm points. The points are redeemable for rewards from brands I use / shop at everyday – like Uber, Amazon and Sephora. And what is better than an incentive to build rewards towards items you’d be purchasing anyway, all while dramatically improving your financial health. You can even redeem your reward points to pay back your bills. I love how I’m creating a healthy relationship with paying my bills and it’s given me a more positive approach to my finances.

Oh and since I’m such an avid traveler and have a tendency to ignore payment dates (I know I SOOK) Paytm has a new ‘Set it & Forget It’ feature, so you can schedule all of your bill payments in advance by pre-selecting the date, amount and frequency that you want to pay it. So now, whether I’m home or jet-setting, I never have to worry about missing a bill payment again!

So all in all while finances are still a work in progress, I am so grateful to have resources like Paytm finally available in Canada. The app is helping me spend smarter and develop consistent habits to improve my relationship with money. If you’re anything like me and want to download the app in Canada and try it for yourself, you can download it here and use my referral code to collect points on your first payments: PTM5710074.

What other tips do you have to help your financial habits? I’d love to know!

**This post was in partnership with Paytm Canada. All opinions are my own. Thank you as always for supporting partnering content!

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