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Fast Five | Instagram Feed

Ok so the most common comments and questions I get asked on Instagram are about filtering photos and organizing your feed.

This is something I feel I have honestly struggled with so much.

It’s seriously as though I have an Insta-identity crisis whenever I find a certain filter, three pics in a row or photo thread has poor engagement.

Sounds crazy, I KNOW.

But as a blogger who uses social feeds to ensure that I am maximizing reach, it is something that I genuinely treat as an extension of my business and want to ensure that I’m creating the best content for my readers.

Don’t worry, I am not spending a lifetime on this or losing sleep over it but that doesn’t mean I have taken some strategies to test, trial and repeat when looking at curating my Instagram feed.

Fast Five:

Find your mix. I put this one first because this is the one I am the worst at it. No disrespect to all bloggers, influencers and Instagrammers out there but I’ve learned that you honestly have to find a blend between mixing it up and keeping it consistent. I don’t care how many outfits you have, nobody wants to see you and just you 100% of the time in your feed. While I’m mostly fashion-oriented, I try to pepper in food, my pup and where I am or what I’m doing to ensure that people have a holistic view of my life and my personality. If you are set on having a consistent feed where you post the same photo, in the same spot every day then definitely leverage Instagram Stories or Snapchat to ensure that you’re giving your readers/followers the big picture of who you are!

Keep your photo pattern consistent. As I said above, I try to pepper in a lifestyle, fitness or travel photo in between my fashion pics. Usually I will post one or two photos that I am actually in – whether it’s featuring what I’m wearing or just me wherever I am for the purpose of capturing the scenery – I do try to layer in other aspects of my life every second or third photo. My mix might not be your mix but whatever you choose ensure you stick to it for at least a whole block of photos (9-12) to see if your readers are engaging faster, commenting more and likes are up.

Don’t be afraid to go unfiltered. Sometimes a filter is fab, other times your photos turn our effortlessly perfect. I don’t always use the same filter on my photos so unless you’re going for that all white, minimalist feed then you don’t need to stress so much about making each photo exactly the same. There is different light, different colors and different focus in every photo so why would one filter fit all? I love playing with multiple edits and use a visual planner like UNUM to ensure there is a consistent flow to my feed despite not always sticking to the same edits.

Stop trying to over-curate your life. I know we all want our feed to look like life is perfect and we haven’t a care in the world! But I’ve honestly found that sometimes less curating is more. Whether it’s a selfie on my iPhone vs. a high quality photo or a quick superficial quip caption vs. a one that depicts your genuine emotion – showing who you truly are is one of the best ways to engage and share with your readers. I do this a lot through my Instagram Stories and I’m not afraid to add in a photo that is not picture perfect. My Instagram feed is not Runway Magazine and I’m not working for Miranda Priestley. I would rather be real and share who I am and what I’m feeling truer to the moment than trying to pretend like I’m always something I’m not.

Enjoy it, have fun and feel free to switch it up! With all of the above said, if something isn’t working do not be afraid to try something else. I have done the minimal feed, the all white backgrounds and the overly perfect feed. All which worked well, were fun and engaging in the short term. But these didn’t really feel like me and to be honest I think that eventually that came through in my posts and ultimately my engagement. Just like your blog, finding your voice and personal style on Instagram is critical to staying true to your brand so never stop exploring or trying new techniques until you feel like you’ve found your niche.

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