Fall Fringe

_dsc9299So my coworker told me the other day that she liked the fall wardrobe I’ve been rocking thus far and while I bathed in the compliment (and possibly asked for more) I realized it’s because as soon as the weather cools, I tend to stick to the neutrals. I took a peek in my closet last night to only discover that yes, I do in fact have a plethora of black and grey and shades of taupe and camel. It’s kind of funny, maybe my skin undertones just don’t work well with color (is it time to get over red?) or it’s just genuinely easier to piece together a look when you’re working with a neutral palette. I don’t think about it any more or less than my summer wardrobe but for some reason I give off a strong fall fashion vibe.

Whatever the case, I do love my fall wardrobe, I love adding layers upon layers of neutrals to my collection and finding simple items with the faintest details that make the most basic look seem elevated.

Let’s consider what I’m wearing in this post, shall we? I’m legit wearing a sweater, jeans and some knee-high boots. The sweater’s fringe detail heightens its simplicity and the greige boots play off the dark denim and balance out the focus of the sweater. It might sound silly but it is honestly this type of stylistic formula that I try to stick to with all of my looks and I think having more options to dress up with in fall makes it a little easier.

I was dying for a pair of greige boots and these ones are so comfy and perfect for everyday with jeans or leggings that I know I’m going to wear them down before the season is over. I’m slowly adding more and more to my fall/winter wardrobe so be sure to stick around to see what I wrangle up!

As I explore my personal style I’m realizing that I’m entering a phase of my life where laid back doesn’t need to look lazy and you can look polished without being prissy. I’m also scouring the internet for us all to find items that won’t break the bank and looks that I can recreate with pieces in my closet. Here’s to an exciting fall full of fashionable finds. Full outfit dets are below!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and make sure you check out my Snapchat Story for some tunes to get your Friday party started (username: lexniko)!
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Sweater (avail in cream, similar in black) | Denim | Boots | Sunnies | Bag

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