My Everyday Vitamin Routine

I mean I’m not going to sit here and pretend I am a health guru or expert.

Full disclosure: I AM NOT.

Could I have been a doctor? Maybe. But my hands are so shaky I don’t think it would’ve worked out in the end.

So no, I’m no medical professional and I’m not a nutritionist but lately, for health reasons, a ton of my research and time has gone in to discovering what vitamins and nutrients I should be taking on a daily basis.

I’ll outline everything for you below with links so you can read reviews, google and do further research for yourself.

And note all of our bodies need different things; what I’m sharing is what I find helps me enhance my mood, overall health and well-being.

Take a read and comment with any questions or comments. I’d also love to know what you take daily that helps you and why.

Krill Oil

So krill oil is something I recently started taking only a couple weeks ago. I actually came across krill watching a live from my latest Insta obsession, Katherine (thank you to my gf Krista for bringing her into my life). Krill Oil is an Omega-3. So if you take an Omega-3 or fish oil supplement then you’re essentially getting the same benefits. I started taking this one here but you’re also getting enough nutrients if you want the capsules that contain 500 mg. The bonus of krill is that the oil attaches to phospholipids and not triglycerides (as with fish oil) making krill easier for our bodies to absorb.


There is some controversy surrounding biotin and whether or not it works. I think it really is dependent on the person. For me, it makes a huge difference in my hair thickness and nail strength. But my skin? Doesn’t really impact it all that much. Biotin is actually Vitamin B7 and I haven’t read anything about taking it causing harm. The chews that I take are here and they contain additional vitamins and nutrients, and they taste damn delicious.


Ok, maca. This is the sexy supplement as I like to call it. It is most popular for the fact that it’s supposed to enhance your sex drive but I first was eager to try it because it helps women with their hormonal imbalances. And to be frank, I was getting far too PMS-y and crampy and irritable that at this point I’m open to trying something new. I have to say this is definitely one supplement that I will continue to take daily. It has made a huge difference in my overall wellbeing. I have noticed a significant difference in my energy and mood and I can’t attribute it to any other changes except adding this supplement to my everyday intake. I use this one here and it says you can take 1-3 per day. I started with one and now take one in the morning and one at night and I think that’s where I’m going to live for now.

Active Charcoal

This one is kind of a catch – I do not take this everyday and I want to highlight that it is not recommended that you take active charcoal daily. Sorry to go bold and scare you all. Active Charcoal is useful for so many reasons. You’ve probably see people using it as toothpaste to get their teeth extra white or the ice cream and pizza shops that have popped up everywhere offering charcoal-based cones and pies as it helps with digestion and assists in absorbing toxins in your body. The latter is the reason why it quickly gained popularity as a supplement to take before drinking. This stuff can cure hangovers. It works for me and I find that if I take two before a night out the next morning I bounce right back and feel fine. Granted I’m not going heavy with partying and my girlfriends said it did nothing for them at all so I think this is one like biotin that is completely case-by-case. But it has other fun uses like the toothpaste and even face masks. Try this one here and again do not take this every day but try other ways to use it in your daily routine topically.


It’s not secret I love my Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides, available here. While I mix 1-2 scoops daily into my smoothie or hot cup of coffee, I have found it has made a big difference on my skin. But where I really note it’s impact is joint pain and recovery after workouts. I used to be so stiff after hard workouts and I swear after starting this as a daily practice my joint pain and stiffness has decreased dramatically. I still stretch and I still foam roll and all that good stuff but it has made a huge difference and for that I am going to continue to take it. Just don’t mix it in to anything too cold cause this shit will clump up and does not taste good going down that way.

Vitamins B + C + D

Finally I do take a Vitamin B12 here which helps as a mood booster and reduces anxiety, along with a Vitamin C + D chewable combo here which help with immune function and let’s be honest just taste really, really good. It’s the last thing I ingest after the above concoction so I can feel like a kid again before adulting so hard through the day.

So that’s it! It sounds like a lot but it has made a huge difference in how I feel every day and my ability to function as close to 100% as possible.

The best part is that I got all of these items on Amazon so if I’m ever running low I can grab same-day or one-day delivery with my Prime membership to ensure that I never miss a day.

I keep everything on my nightside (except the krill oil I keep in the fridge) so I take them as soon as I wake up before anything else.

Let me know if you try any of these and how they work for you and I also wanted to share a friendly PSA that Amazon Prime Day is coming July 11th so if you haven’t signed up for your 30-day free trial, now’s the time to do it and take advantage of huge savings on some of these items and more.

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