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Etsy Canada Pay It Forward


I have said it time over time, but I love when this blog allows me opportunities to work with incredible companies on fulfilling campaigns. I am once again honoured and so thankful to be working on a fun little piece with Etsy Canada and their new Pay It Forward project.

The campaign is just what you’d suspect: create a chain of positive events by paying it forward not only to the incredible Etsy community but also offering a beautiful gift to an unsuspecting friend. I was happy to be tasked with the job and used it as an opportunity to snag some lovely gifts for my soon-to-be most special person!


What did I select? You’ll just have to wait and see! But in the meantime check out a few of my favourite Etsy shops here, here and here.

So tell me, how would you Pay It Forward and more importantly, what will you buy?

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