Little Likes Podcast Episode Twenty-Five

Fun, fun, fun on this week’s Little Likes Podcast Episode Twenty-Five.

***Also friendly PSA to please vote for me for the Notable Awards Style Influencer of the Year***

Without wasting any time (since I didn’t waste any time on the ep) I seriously rant for a full five minutes about Justin and Selena, then take a left-hand turn and chat all things Beyonce and the new live-action Lion King production.

And finally I share my D-list celebrity crush, Steve Gold and why you need to check him out on Million Dollar Listing New York and oogle at how hot he is.

As always, I answer your listener questions and please keep sending them to me via littlelikespodcast[at]gmail[dot]com

All products discussed in the podcast are linked below:

Wake up light

Vitamin C+D Combo

Vitamin B12

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