Dog Vision

Spoiler Alert: Choco is my right-hand man.

Whether we’re going for a walk, hanging on a patio or traveling, he is pretty much always by my side.

He experiences everything in my day-to-day and I can only imagine what it’s like to view the world through his eyes.

The crazy thing is that now I actually can with Connected Pet Technology.

“But wait Alex, what is Connected Pet Technology?”

I’m glad you asked.

In the simplest of terms, Connected Pet Technology is a way for owners to stay connected with their pets remotely through the use of technology.

As one example, think of setting up a nanny cam for your pup to record what he’s doing while you’re out of the house.

So when I was asked to chat and review all things Connected Pet Technology for the blog with Best Buy Canada, I literally J U M P E D at the chance.

Given that I’m obsessed with Choco, obsessed with technology and addicted to innovation this is completely and utterly in my wheelhouse.

Even though Connected Pet Tech is super new to most people the Blue Shirts and Geek Squad at Best Buy Canada are seasoned vets.

One of the coolest items this season is this Samsung Gear 360 camera and VR headset.

With this headset (check out the video below) you can literally see the world as your pet does and experience a day in his paws.

It’s kind of crazy how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go in this growing space.

But all I know if there’s anything that can help me better understand my Choco’s needs, play and connect with him on an emotional and technological level, I am seriously THERE!

Be sure to head over to for a seamless shopping experience online! You can literally shop anywhere, anytime, any way and with free shipping over $35 (ok, some restrictions apply) why wouldn’t you want to test out these products for you and your special four-legged friend?!

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