DIY Gentle Polish Remover

Ever since I can remember I have always been a fan of make-your-own, at-home remedies. It’s probably because when I was younger my nickname was “bubble girl” as I had so many allergies, it was difficult to know which store-bought product would cause a skin reaction! My mom spearheaded this at-home affection and my fondest memories of this were Saturday morning oatmeal + egg yolk face masks while we waited for our pie crusts to chill in the fridge.

Times have changed and so has my skin, and I am luckily a bit more receptive to trying new things (specifically this brand here). Despite this, I still always take special notice of unique + beneficial at-home concoctions when I see them. And as the weather get colder and dryer, I thought this would be the perfect time to post this quick beauty DIY I found on one of my favourite beauty sites to geek out on: Lab Muffin. Michelle has developed a scientific recipe to make your own moisturizing nail polish remover. The photo results here really show how this glycerin component helped rid her cuticles of dry, white marks. And that is something I am definitely interested in testing as my cuticles + hands are the first to feel the affects of the weather.


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