the one with cuo-RANT-ine and recaps

Wow week two in a row of the podcast my consistency is off the charts. this week I’m recapping my experience watching all the Marvel movies over two weekends, then diving into the good stuff like the latest Netflix shows (Too Hot To Handle, Outer Banks, The Last Dance) and then we hop over to the RHOBH premiere some 90 Day Fiancé and finish up with the hot goss featuring the little celeb news we have to work during quarantine. There may be a Cuomo Bros ask or two in there. Oh and there’s some breaking news in the middle that I am excited to watch unfold and gird your loins, grab your AirPods and get listening.

Be sure to subscribe, rate me 5 stars and provide me with feedback, topics for next week or a general sense of encouragement as I continue to solo dolo podcast til we’re out of this thing. love you, mean it, ok bye.

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