Country Oasis

I don’t know what your idea of a good time is, but mine involves a glass of wine, my couch and Architectural Digest on my laptop. I’m not too sure when my love for decor really came to be (actually I know exactly when it did but that’s a different story) but I could spend hours looking at interiors. There’s something about floor-to-ceiling windows encasing a unique space, designed so intricately by someone much more talented (and wealthier) then myself.

To continue my intrinsic weirdness, I often also pick themes to search past articles and images (did you really need to know this about me? I’m thinking your answer is yes). This week I kept things real simple and searched: Cottages. I don’t know if it’s the chilly morning walks with the pooch, or the fall leaves as we run through the park, but I have been craving a country oasis that only a cottage escape can bring.

I was going to initially share images from a number of spaces but came across this one here and was immediately brought to whimsical place. It’s like Alice in Wonderland met Nicholas Sparks and designed a creative but functional summer home. For me, this space encapsulates the idea of country oasis: a quirky, mis-matched but oh so perfect escape.


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